Bulgarian Citizen Committed a Double Murder in Turkey and Committed Suicide

A Bulgarian citizen committed a double murder in the Turkish city of Manisa, then committed suicide. This is reported by Turkish media.
Former girlfriend of 31-year-old Tennur Iliyazov Tahirov, who is a Turkish citizen, Rabia Bajram, told him she no longer wanted to see him and wanted him to leave her family alone. Subsequently, Tahirov broke the door of the family home and after a scandal with the girl's mother, Fatma Bajram, shot her. Then he shot the 23-year-old Rabia who tried to escape through the window. After that Tahirov committed suicide by his pistol.
The tragedy took place yesterday at noon in the municipality of Yunesemere, Manisa, the BNR reported. The police officers have found 9 shells, three in the family home and six in the street.
Until yesterday, Turkish media reported only the initials of the striker, and that he "entered Turkey from Bulgaria". Today, they have already communicated their nationality, names and years.

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