Tow Trucks in Sofia Tighten Control Against Improperly Parked Vehicles

Municipal tow trucks tighten control against improper parking in Sofia. In addition to the gratis in the paid areas, they will now pick up all offenders of the Road Traffic Act. For one day of the action, 1200 cars went to a parking lot, NOVA said.
Data shows that one stop in an illegal spot in Sofia is 20 levs for a fine, 60 levs for the tow truck and 2 levs per hour for the parking lot. Under the new control scheme, the probability of avoiding punishment is minimal.

Under the cover of the signs of a paid area, hundreds of drivers park each day between permitted places, but in violation. As the owner of the road, the municipality has assumed the right to sanctions.
Mass workers in the center park in front of their offices in violation, according to the Center for Urban Mobility.
"It's an established practice - to park near your office, as they can not get a vignette for place of residence. They observe the inside of their car and when they see that our supervisor comes to sanction it, they enter and leave ", explains the Director of Parking and Mobility in TsMM Rumyana Milova.

On the first day of the action, 1,200 offenders were detected. Raising them has worked. On the second day, in the same perimeter, 840 were detected.
There are 10 new tow trucks and 10 new employees.
And another warning to offenders - the tow trucks will pick up without a day off.

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