Varna has Lost over 51% of Tourists' Interest over the Course of 10 Years According to Lonely Planet

With a 51% drop, Varna is among the resort destinations in the world that have lost the most noticeably interest of tourists for the last 10 years. This shows a ranking of the Lonely Planet publishing house specializing in the publication of tourist guides for the average segment of travelers quoted by the Russian agency Interfax. Ranking is based on Google Trends statistics and covers the period from 2009 to 2019. It also shows a sharp drop in interest in Bulgaria as a tourist destination.

The curious thing in the Varna case is that it falls among cities that have experienced a dramatic collapse of tourists' interest due to wars, revolutions and terrorist attacks.

The anti-ranking of destinations, sharply lost popularity among tourists is headed by Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt, where the decline is with 91.47%. While the explanation for this is the rebellion and terrorist threat in the country, such a motive can not be found in the decline in interest in St. Petersburg with 79.65%, which is unexpectedly ranked second, followed by Cairo - 74.67%, Las Vegas - 60.13%, and Varna -51.03%.

The anti-ranking of the countries with a marked drop in tourist popularity is led by Egypt as the number of search queries of the country on the Internet declined by 84.8% over the decade. Tunisia's online presence has fallen by 71.2%, Turkey 67.04%, France 54.34% and Brazil 49.46%. Searching travelers have been less interested in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Australia, Ireland, but also in Bulgaria. Although only by a 4.36% drop, Russia has also entered the anti-ranking for the past 10 years.

At the same time, the Philippines posted a growth of 170.45% on internet demand in the 10 years since 2009. Second, South Korea was 76.11%, followed by Saudi...

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