Lowest Hourly Labour Costs Are Recorded in Bulgaria

Hourly labor costs in the EU member states were characterized by a huge gap in 2018, with the residents of the richest country of the bloc, Denmark, receiving about 43 euro () per hour, and the citizens of its poorest member, Bulgaria, getting only 5.4 euros hourly, a report released by Eurostat.

The data shows that on average we get 3.5 euros per hour for our work, and just before us are the Romanians who work for 4.2 euros.
In 2011, the highest hourly labor costs were reported in Belgium, where local residents are sweating for 39.3 euros per hour,
Denmark - 38.6 euros per hour, France - 34.2 euros per hour, Luxembourg - 33 , 7 euros per hour, the Netherlands - 31.1 euros per hour and Germany - 30.1 euros per hour.
Except for Bulgaria and Romania, the lowest salary in Lithuania (5.5 euros per hour) and Latvia (5.9 euros).
According to the estimates published in NSI for 2010, the employer's average labor costs per hour worked are BGN 7 for the public sector employees and BGN 5.13 for the private sector.
Of the economic activities, people working in the production and distribution of heat and electricity are best paid. They receive BGN 18 per hour.
The workers in the mining industry receive BGN 16  per hour, the employees in the financial and insurance sector - BGN 13  per hour and the employees in transport and communications - BGN 8  per hour, according to NSI data.
The statistics show that the lowest in our country was paid to the employees in the administrative sector -  BGN 2.72  per hour.
The education workers receive BGN 6.50 per hour, in the state administration - BGN 7.86 per hour and in the field of culture, sports and entertainment - BGN 4.89 per hour.


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