"Tirana dictates, Thaci and Haradinaj want Greater Albania"

Chairman of the Serbian National Assembly's Committee on Kosovo and Metohija Milovan Drecun said this on Wednesday.

He told TV Pink that everything that has been done so far, including the formation of the terrorist KLA ("Kosovo Liberation Army"), had been done to allow Albania to forcefully seize the southern province of Serbia, Kosovo, and embark on the realization of the Greater Albania project.
"Thaci and Haradinaj have absolutely identical goals. At this stage, it is setting various conditions - the taxes, the declaration, in order to prevent the continuation of the dialogue and the discussion about the possible final status of Kosovo. The aim is to force Serbia to recognize a self-proclaimed state, and to one day declare unification of Kosovo and Albania," Drecun said.
He assessed that Thaci and Haradinaj differ only in the modalities of reaching that goal, with Thaci showing some kind of rational political behavior, unlike Haradinaj, who he says is arrogant.
As for the taxes imposed on Serbian goods, Drecun believes the pair introduced them together, and added that Thaci, if he wanted them abolished, could have gone for rearranging the political scene and the executive branch in Pristina.
"In his talks with President Aleksandar Vucic in Brussels, Thaci realized he would not be able to bring about the recognition of Kosovo, that Vucic was not letting up, and that's why he is opening some space for talks. Following the initiative of US President Donald Trump, in order to justify himself in front of the Albanians, he (Thaci) is always making half a step forward and ten backwards," Drecun said.
He also assessed that the Albanian side showed disrespect for the host in Berlin, because they undermined the meeting held there on...

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