"Abolishing taxes and changing borders ruled out"

At the first press conference after the Berlin summit, the Kosovo prime minister assessed that the "Berlin summit stabilized the region" and that the Paris summit in early July would be "a meeting of teams for the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, which will be exclusively dedicated to this process."

He thinks that in the Pristina team this time should include representatives of the opposition.
"The borders will no longer be discussed," Haradinaj said, according to Kosovapress agency.
He added that the format of the meeting would be changed, and claimed that French President Emmanuel Macron agrees.
Asked to comment on the statement by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, who accused him of lying that there was pressure in Berlin to abolish the taxes, Haradinaj said this was "nothing new."
In a statement for Pristina-based Gazeta Express, Haradinaj previously said he was under pressure on this issue from Hashim Thaci and Edi Rama.

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