Berlin summit revealed "intentions of leaders and states"

Speaking in a news conference in Belgrade, the head of the Serbian Government's Office for Kosovo and Metohija said that Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel prepared the summit "in a very serious way, and gave the opportunity to Vucic to present Serbia's position."

"Thank you for the opportunity for Serbia and the president to present the position of Serbia. The result, what remains as an impression, is a pretty clear picture of what various people in the region want for us and what stance they intend to take on Serbia and her interests, and the rights and position of Serbs in the region," emphasized Djuric.
He added that, unfortunately, there were few positive messages at the summit- "on the contrary, since the messages from Pristina and Tirana were virtually horrific, completely against dialogue and goals such as normalization of relations."
"It's much clearer after the Berlin summit what real intentions of individual leaders in the region and of individual countries are," said Djuric.
He added, however, that "not everything was that dark" - as the behavior of Slovenia and Croatia was "fair," as was that of Montenegro.
Serbia led by Vucic and Prime Minister Ana Brnabic "very seriously and firmly and firmly represented our efforts and showed serious and responsible approach," said Djuric.
"We did not quarrel with anyone, but our delegation did provide clear and direct answers to everybody's attempts to present recent history in a fake light and show Serbia as the culprit for (Pristina's taxes imposed on Serbian goods), and other things in the region," Djuric said. "We will continue to behave seriously and responsibly towards issues in the region and seriously prepare for future activities," said Djuric.
He added that the...

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