Bulgarian and Croatian Defense Ministers Agree to Update Bilateral Co-operation Agreement

The defense ministers of Bulgaria and Croatia have agreed to update the bilateral co-operation agreement, reported BTA. 
   ,,We have agreed to prepare a new bilateral co-operation agreement between the two ministries'', Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Krassimir Karakachanov said in a statement, speaking with his Croatian counterpart, Damir Krstičević, in Sofia.
   ,,In the agreement, we will set aside the training opportunities of our servicemen, all aspects of military cooperation, as well as social policy issues for the military'', Karakachanov pointed out.
He expects this agreement to be ready within 6-7 months.
   ,,Bulgaria and Croatia are friendly countries, we have no controversy'', Karakachanov said.

,,The purpose of the visit is to intensify the relationship between the defense ministries. We shared our practice in the modernization projects'', Krassimir Karakachanov pointed out. In his words, the Croatian side has also shared their experience, they also have a project to modernize their aviation.
   ,,The Bulgarian side also shared its experience with the presidency of the Council of the EU. Since the beginning of next year, Croatia has assumed the European Presidency. Like Bulgaria, one of their main priorities is the integration of the Western Balkans'', Karakachanov noted.
   Ministers discussed the issue of the military-industrial complexes of both countries and their capabilities. Karakachanov invited Damir Krsticevic  to the next year at the international exhibition "Hemus" in Plovdiv. And in 2021 Bulgarian representatives should visit the exhibition in Split, Croatia.
   Deputy Prime Minister Damir Krstičević said he was the first Croatian defense minister...

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