Cartel ALFA: Swedish appliance producer Electrolux threatens to relocate production from Satu Mare to Poland

The Swedish owner of Electrolux Satu Mare threatens, through the voice of the workers who did not join the strike, to relocate its production to Poland, informs a release issued by president of the "Cartel ALFA" National Trade Union Confederation Bogdan Hossu on Friday. The reaction of the union leader comes after 100 non-striking employees sent an open letter to their striking fellows. "Through the voice of the employees who stayed in the the factory, Electrolux threatens to relocate production to Poland. We consider this is an action aimed at intimidating workers from Satu Mare and elsewhere to claim their rights. This is mainly possible because of poor labor legislation and also because of the Romanian institutions that allow multinational employers to take action against the workers in the event of a strike," the union leader said. CNS Cartel ALFA admits that under the current market economy, capital is free to move wherever the conditions are more advantageous, "but making this move when productivity is not higher than in Romania, and as salaries are significantly higher in Poland than in Romania, without tax transfers (the employer's gross wage contributions are higher there), is clear proof that this action not motivated by economic considerations, but by the desire to discourage by any means the workers who demand better pay terms," the release of the trade union confederation states. The trade union confederation does not support the unjustified prolongation of this labor conflict, Bogdan Hossu notes. "However, putting an end to the labor conflict lies exclusively in the power of factory management, by sitting down at the dialogue table and finding a solution acceptable to both parties. The company claims to offer competitive salaries (it's true, they are not the smallest in the area or in the industry). On the other hand, at the end of the month the workers draw the line and find that the money is not enough for the minimum living expenses. They also see that the number of products they manufacture is growing constantly due to a faster work pace, shorter breaks and increasing pressure on the employees. The sides have no other way out but sit down at the negotiating table and find the best compromise solution to finalise the negotiation of the collective bargaining agreement for the company," reads the release signed by the leader of CNS Cartel ALFA.AGERPRES(RO - author: George Coman, editor: Mariana Nica; EN - author: Simona Klodnischi, editor: Maria Voican)

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