President Radev And I Will Do Everything Necessary For Pope Francis' Visit to be a Good Advertisement for Bulgaria, Prime Minister Borisov Said

,,President Radev and I, we will do everything necessary for Pope Francis' visit to Bulgaria to be a good advertisement for Bulgaria and for St. George's Day. The whole world will see, many cameras will shoot.'' This is what Prime Minister Boyko Borissov told journalists at PP GERB headquarters today in connection with the forthcoming visit of the head of the Rím-Catholic Church in Bulgaria, reported BTA. 

According to him, the effect and the fact that the Pope will come to Bulgaria for the second time is good for Bulgaria.
,,There is one fact when the Pope goes to a country, the whole world is focusing on that country to see why exactly he is there'', the Prime Minister stressed.
"The fact is that he will be in Bulgaria and northern Macedonia. Here I also answer the question why we have made so much effort to sign the Neighborhood Treaty and there is still a lot of work on it," Borissov added.

He also noted the efforts of Greece and Macedonia for the name so that our neighbors, Macedonia, could enter NATO and we would have at our borders a predictable state, a member of the EU and NATO. These efforts, were appreciated by Pope Francis, including, he convinced.
With this gesture to come, to visit not only Sofia, to go to the country to see how our Catholics live, their churches, according to the Prime Minister, they were testimony that the Holy Father appreciated the efforts.
Borissov stressed that it is important what the Pope will say in his address to the world.
He thanked him for the continuing tradition that every year on 24 May a Bulgarian delegation will be at an audience with him.
,,I hope everything goes well, a great job is done'', Boyko Borissov said.

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