ANM: Heavy rains, storms and hail, nationwide, Sunday after-noon to Wednesday morning

The National Weather Administration (ANM) issued a bad weather advisory for heavy rains, storms, hail and low temperatures, valid in most parts of Romania, from Sunday after-noon until Wednesday morning. According to the meteorologists, in the interval 5 May, 15:00 - 8 May, 9:00, in most regions of Romania there will be periods of highly unstable atmosphere manifested in heavy rainfalls, frequent lightning, storms and hail. The water quantities will exceed, for short periods of time or through accumulation, 15 - 25 l/sqm and locally 40 - 60 l/sqm. Such phenomena will be more frequent and intense on Sunday after-noon, 5 May, and on the night of Sunday to Monday (5-6 May) in most regions, and on Monday and Tuesday (6-7 May), mainly in the south, east and central Romania. The meteorologists warn that the temperatures will steeply drop on Monday, 6 May, in the west and north of Romania, and on 7 May in the other regions as well. In the mountain area, starting with the night of Monday to Tuesday, 6-7 May, the precipitations will be mixed, and at over 1,800-metre altitudes it will snow and the wind will blow in gusts of 60 - 70 km/h, shattering the snow. ANM points out that, depending on the development and intensity of the weather phenomena, it will update the advisory. AGERPRES (RO - editor: Mariana Nica; EN - editor: Adina Panaitescu)

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