Erik Rubin: Bulgaria will Get the most Advanced Aircraft at the best Possible Price

Bulgaria will receive the most advanced combat aircraft at the best possible price. This is what US Ambassador Eric Rubin said on the occasion of Bulgaria's desire to buy the F-16. Rubin participated in the conference "Bulgarian Politics in the Euro-Atlantic Reality".

The forum is attended by former Belgian Prime Minister and EU President Herman Van Rompuy, President Rosen Plevneliev (2012-2017) and Constitutional Judge Philip Dimitrov.

"Looking at the whole package, you will understand that the US commitment is to support the Bulgarian army and aviation. I think the price is reasonable. I understand that this is a high price, but we will support the needs of Bulgaria and the this is the reality. I assure you that Bulgaria will have the most advanced combat aircraft when the deal is completed. This will improve Bulgaria's and NATO's security and thus become a strategic partner, "Rubin said.

He also explained that the two countries have a good partnership with each other and, if ever, it was only in terms of security and defense, they are now multilateral.

"The word interdependence is a key factor in shaping the relations between Bulgaria and the United States. We must continue to defend what we have achieved, but also to ensure that it continues in the future. I believe in the future relations between the United States and Bulgaria that date back 150 years, "the US ambassador to Sofia said.

"We support the diversification and completion of the Bulgarian gas pipeline. We look forward to seeing the results soon. Supplying gas from other sources, for example from Azerbaijan, is a key project that will give energy independence to Bulgaria. This is also an important factor for the National Security of the country, "he said and...

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