Veseli's threats: Holocaust-like persecution; arrests coming

And it would deal with "the crimes committed by Serbia" in Kosovo and Metohija.

Kadri Veseli at the same time threatened with arrests of "cowards who are now free in Serbia."
The public broadcaster in Kosovo, RTK2, said on its Serbian language service that a meeting was held in Pristina in the presence of representatives of the missing, war associations, the Kosovo Ministry of Justice, heads of groups in the Assembly, and the civil sector, to discuss the formation of such a tribunal.
In his introductory remarks, Veseli said that "an international court is sorely needed to condemn the crimes that Serbia has committed."
He said that this had been "persecution similar to the Holocaust" - and that Pristina "does not accept silence and denial," while "justice will be served."
"Serbia will be held responsible for all these victims, our message for criminals and those who deny crimes, for the cowards who are free today in Serbia, is that they will be arrested. You committed crimes because you are cowards. You were afraid of confronting the Kosovo Liberation Army, so you attacked civilians. We will find you," said Veseli.
Veseli is himself a former member of the ethnic Albanian KLA ("Kosovo Liberation Army"), considered a terrorist organization by Serbia.
Reacting to announcements of a "tribunal" for Serbs, Foreign Minister and First Deputy PM Ivica Dacic remarked on Monday that such a tribunal already existed, in The Hague - while former KLA members suspected of committing war crimes are yet to he held responsible before the Specialist Kosovo Chambers.

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