The Faster Growth of Income Rates for Bulgarians Goes Through their Education

Economy Minister Emil Karanikolov said at a hearing in the parliamentary committee on the issue that the faster increase in the rate of income for Bulgarian citizens goes through their education.
The Minister reminded that the government's program targets the 10 percent increase in public sector wages and that of teachers by 20 per cent, indicating that these are good steps but are not enough.
"That's why we are also working on big strategic investments that will lead to more economic growth," the minister said, asking the MPs not to discuss the issue of the expected big investment in the automotive industry in Bulgaria.

"Thanks to all the experts, and that over a hundred people who daily work on this subject, and I hope soon to have positive news in it," said Economy Minister.
In response to a journalistic question on the topic, the Minister commented that for every big or small foreign strategic investor there is fierce competition.

"Bulgaria is in such a region, the countries around us are in the struggle for every investor," the minister said.

On the occasion of the warning of the Bulgarian Academy of Science on the risk of recession in Bulgaria, the Minister was asked by journalists to comment on whether there is a slowdown in economic growth in the country. He commented that there is a slowdown at the global level and added that he does not think this year is such a danger to Bulgaria, but he acknowledged that our economy is influenced by the international conjuncture.
Karanikolov said that on May 15, the countries that are involved with the topic of the changes to the so-called fuel law are invited to the ministry, and concrete solutions are expected at that time. At a next meeting, there...

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