Pyatt: US remains ‘invested’ in Greece’s economic recovery

The United States remain "invested" in Greece's economic recovery following the debt-hit country's official exit from the bailout programs, the American ambassador in Athens, Geoffrey Pyatt, said Thursday, while praising Athens for reaching an agreement with Skopje on the longstanding name dispute.
"America remains invested in Greece's full economic recovery," Pyatt told a conference held by the Economic Chamber of Greece in Athens. "The US strongly believes that as a NATO ally and a cornerstone of European security, Greece's fate is linked to the fate of the wider region," he said.
"The United States will continue to stand by Greece's side as a steadfast partner in its economic recovery," Pyatt said, hailing the contribution last year of the so-called Strategic Dialogue meeting in Washington and of the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF), where the US was the honored...

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