"Serbia is small, not stupid. Albanians spit in EU's face"

He added that while Belgrade talks about compromise and dialogue, Pristina and Tirana are looking for ways to create Greater Albania - an expansionist nationalist project at the expense of Albanians' neighbors - and do it under the table.

Dacic told RTS that a meeting between Kosovo President Hashim Thaci and Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama on Wednesday in Tirana about "national unification" deserves a strong response.
"It's no longer Serbia that's talking about this (Greater Albania) - it's Thaci and Rama, this means spitting in the face of the entire EU, of everyone who is persuading Serbia that we have to be constructive and calm. We're sitting at the table, while under the table, they're arranging for the creation of Greater Albania," said the head of Serbian diplomacy.
The meeting between Rama and Thaci, he said, represents the pinnacle of insolence of Albanian politicians, because during a summit (Brdo-Brijuni, held in Tirana) where regional cooperation is spoken about - they talk about correcting so-called "historical injustices."
Dacic added that "we are small, but we not stupid."
According to him, the question now arises whether Serbia should be taking part in gatherings such as the current one in Tirana, "because behind our back, the idea of ​​Greater Albania is being pushed forward."
"It seems the principle of the inviolability of borders is abandoned when somebody needs to attack Serbia and strike at it," Dacic noted, asking what it would be like if Vucic and Milorad Dodik met to talk about unification of Serbs.
The head of Serbian diplomacy pointed out it's not about opening Pandora's box now, because it was opened already by those recognizing Kosovo itself and violating the principle of the inviolability of...

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