Vucic: They're saying impossible things, others are silent

"They are saying impossible things and have accustomed the whole Europe to that," the Serbian president said in Tirana after his meeting with EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini late on Wednesday.

Vucic is in town for the regional Brdo-Brijuni meeting, to be held on Thursday.
Vucic said he expressed his dissatisfaction to Mogherini over "the strange developments between Tirana and Pristina, like the story of national unification by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and Kosovo President Hashim Thaci."
"There is no immediate danger to us from this, they are doing it because of internal reasons, but they are also creating a new normality out of this, that this is nothing terrible - but it's terrible that I said that we will not recognize Kosovo and Metohija", said Vucic, and recalled that this was and remains our policy, and that he had said it numerous times before.
He added that if he were to speak about Serb national unification, "15 EU services and at least 15 foreign ministers would react."
When reporters remarked that Rama and Thaci's "national unification" talk yesterday also touched on annexing three municipalities in the south of central Serbia to so-called "Kosovo" - Vucic ironically replied, "Only three?"
He then said that nothing would come out of that - and reiterated that with such rhetoric, Albanians are "establishing a new normality."
Nobody has reacted to this, he said, nor was it referred to in the conversation with Mogherini.
"Federica's not in favor of that, but nobody said anything," Vucic said.
"They are saying impossible things and have accustomed the whole Europe" - and Serbia will, he says, "have it in mind, but the most important thing is that it behaves responsibly and in a...

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