20% Of Women Working In The IT Sector Leave Their Work Due To Gender Pay Inequalities

According to an international study conducted by Tek Experts, a significant number of women are considering leaving the IT sector because of unfair remuneration and gender prejudices. In Bulgaria, one in five women (19.3%) is about to give up their IT career because of the gender pay gap.

The good news are that this percentage is the lowest compared to the other countries that participated in the survey, and this means that the IT industry in Bulgaria is trying to eliminate the problem and these efforts are not worthless.

The percentage of women considering leaving the IT industry for the same reason in Nigeria is similar (20.3%), while in the other countries involved in the survey it is significantly higher. In Vietnam, for example, every fourth woman (26.5%) considered such a decision, in the United States - every third (31%), and in Costa Rica, nearly half (43%) of the IT women are considering a change in their career path.

In order to raise awareness of the challenges that women in the IT industry meet and to initiate a public dialogue on inclusion and equal opportunities, Tek Experts published their paper "Gender Balance: Views from the Whole IT Industry." It is based on the results of a survey of 2000 women employed in the IT sector in Bulgaria, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Nigeria and the US - five of the countries where the outsourced software and technical support company operates.

According to the survey, nearly half of the women in the IT industry in Bulgaria (44%) believe they have a lower chance of raising men.

Many women say that they have been in a situation of inequality and that they haven't felt the necessary support for their professional development in the IT sector.
These situations arise in the educational...

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