The Adoption of a Law on the Protection of National Minorities in Albania is the First Step, Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva

The adoption of a law on the protection of national minorities in Albania is the first step. The adoption of a number of secondary legislation, which will regulate the implementation of the law and how the rights of the Bulgarian minority will be put into practice, are still to be adopted.

This was pointed out by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva in response to a parliamentary question whether more than a year after the recognition of the Bulgarian minority in Albania its rights are guaranteed, as well as how to develop a television broadcast in Bulgarian.
The Bulgarian embassy in Tirana and the Bulgarian ambassador also have a key role to play in supporting the realization of minority rights.
One of the main priorities in the work of our mission there is to undertake concrete actions to guarantee the rights under the new law, one of which is the right of national minorities to inform their mother tongue through information and cultural programs, Minister Zaharieva noted.
She added that the efforts of Bulgarian diplomacy were a success.

Already in the beginning of this year in January for the first time in Albanian TV broadcasts have heard news in Bulgarian. This was the beginning of a regular broadcasting for the Bulgarian community in Albania. 
Thanks to the coordinating efforts of our embassy in Tirana, Albanian television and radio and BNT signed an agreement that governs the copyrights of BNT video footage for Bulgaria, selected specifically for the Bulgarian language translation into Albanian.
We managed to negotiate with the Albanian partners in the program to include a module "I'm studying Bulgarian" - a joint production of BNT and the Ministry of...

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