Iohannis: Social Democrats are talking nonsense about summit;chief lawbreaker says I represent foreign interests

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Saturday in Iasi that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) representatives "are talking nonsense about the summit and accuse him of representing foreign interests, adding that the current government "has completely different priorities, other interests than the Romanians," which is why Romania is confronted with numerous issues and obstacles. "The Social Democrats are talking nonsense about the summit, where nobody invited them, for good reason. The current governance has, for two and a half years, entirely different priorities, other interests than the Romanians. As a consequence of this disastrous governance, Romania is confronted with numerous obstacles which, we have to admit that, momentarily, impede us to use, to fully capitalise on these European projects. By the way, interests. I turn on a news station and I learn there that one person, a chief lawbreaker, the chief of lawbreakers, I don't know what combination is best, says that 'Iohannis represents foreign interests. Not good. Let's see a little about these interests," Iohannis stated in a speech he delivered at the Education Forum. The head of state underscored that Romanians want education, motorways, regional hospitals and he believes that it's necessary for him to represent these interests. "So, for instance, if we are talking about education, the Romanians' interest is to have a quality education. It is my interest, too, and I represent it, I admit, I represent the interest of Romanians who want quality education. They say that some Romanians want motorways. Me too. I represent the interest of Romanians who want motorways. The word is that there are Romanians who want hospitals. Yes, I, too want new, modern hospitals for Romania and, yes I admit, it is my interest and that of the majority of Romanians to have new hospitals. But the PSD isn't interested in education, they don't event talk about motorways, the regional hospitals were good up until the 2016 electoral campaign, since then it's over. Therefore, education, motorways, hospitals are not the PSD's interests, but they are the Romanians' interests and they are my interests," President Klaus Iohannis stated. AGERPRES (RO - author: Daniela Matache, editor: Marius Fratila; EN - editor: Rodica State)

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