Military parade was "message to our friends, and enemies"

Asked to comment on the claim made by some Western media that Serbia was engaging in "saber-rattling" during a time of instability in Kosovo and Metohija, the defense minister said Belgrade did contribute to that instability.

Instead, Pristina has done that by not implementing even the basic obligations it had accepted under the Brussels agreement.
"Instability is not something that suits Serbia. President Aleksandar Vucic is the only serious statesman in the entire region whose policy is peace. I am not sure that there are interlocutors for this peace policy every time and I am not sure they approach sincerely his offer for peace and reconciliation in the whole region," Vulin told TV Pink.
According to him, the parade in Nis was supposed to be a reminder that Serbia was the winner in the fight against Nazism and fascism, that it has safeguarded its freedom, and can defend it.
Asked to comment on the reaction of the US ambassador in Belgrade to the participation of retired Yugoslav Army (VS) General Vladimir Lazarevic - who has been found guilty by the Hague Tribunal - in the May 9 Immortal Regiment march in Nis, Vulin said that it would have been better for Kyle Scott not to speak about this, since he has never condemned crimes committed against Serbs.
"Be quiet. Nobody's saying anything about proven war criminals running Kosovo and Metohija, about the creation of Greater Albania - but you must forbid the Serb people the right to remember?," he said.
Vulin added that Vucic is not that president who will be apologizing or who will push warriors who defended this country to the sidelines, or extradite them to anyone.
"Victory Day is marked by those who fought against fascism. To fight against the KLA ("Kosovo Liberation...

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