Temple of Nemesis found under remains of ancient Mytilini theatre

A temple of Nemesis was found under the ancient theatre of Mytilini, on the northeast island of Lesvos, according to a report on the news website Sto Nisi.

The remains of the temple were found in the south entry passage (parodos), under a series of large limestones.

Latest dates show that the theatre had two construction phases, in the Hellenistic era (3rd century BC) and the Roman one (1st century AD). The temple itself dates to the 1st century AD and was identified by a stone altar for offerings and a series of dedicatory inscriptions by priests and prominent personalities.
According to leading excavator and head of the Lesvos Ephorate Pavlos Triantafyllidis, the temple's location in southern parodos was not arbitrary, as an arena for gladiator duels was built in the orchestra during Roman times.
"As their contests had to conclude with the serving of...

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