Kosovo Prosecutors Investigate Whether ‘War Rape Photo’ is Fake

Prosecutors have launched an investigation into whether a photograph shown to media by Kosovo MP Flora Brovina on Thursday, which she said showed three Serbian soldiers raping an ethnic Albanian woman during the war, is authentic.

The Special Prosecution's investigation was launched after online searches turned up the same image on web pages that suggest it was actually taken during the Iraq war. The image also appears on one pornography site.

Brovina, an MP from the ruling Democratic Party of Kosovo, showed the uncensored photograph to media at the Kosovo Assembly during a debate about a proposed parliamentary resolution accusing Serbia of committing genocide during the 1998-99 war.

Shpend Ahmeti, the mayor of Pristina and leader of the Social Democratic Party said that if the picture is fake, it will cause huge damage to all war victims.

"Who is behind this shameful act? Who will go to the victims and families of victims to tell them that they showed a fake picture when there is abundance of evidence all around? This is unforgivable," Ahmeti wrote on Facebook.

Vasfije Krasniqi Goodman, one of the first woman to speak publicly about her experience of being raped during the Kosovo war, condemned the incident.

"Don't use our pain and suffering for your own gain," Krasniqi Goodman wrote on Twitter.

Some female Kosovo politicians also reacted furiously after Brovina displayed the photo on Thursday, calling her actions unethical.

MP Saranda Bogujevci, from the opposition Vetevendosje (Self-Determination) party, argued the photograph should not have been made public.

"Mrs. Brovina, I'm sorry but what you did is completely wrong. You showed the victim and you say she's alive. Imagine how she feels. This is not...

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