Migrants on the island of Lesvos find refuge on soccer field

A 10-minute walk from Europe's largest refugee camp, across olive groves and open land scattered with thorns and wildflowers, sits a nondescript yet remarkable soccer field.

It's a place where residents of the Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesvos can briefly forget about their tiny container-homes and crowded tents and instead worry about corner kicks and throw-ins.

One of the latest big games on the well-kept grass was the highly anticipated match between a group of Afghan migrants and the African asylum seekers who dominate the camp's soccer team, Cosmos FC.

Many of the players hope to turn professional and leave the camp, where they are forced to remain indefinitely under European Union rules designed to limit the number of migrants and refugees reaching the mainland.

But their quest to escape camp life got a little easier when 15-year-old Francis...

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