The Second-largest Company by Revenue in Bulgaria Gives BGB 202 Million Dividends for 2018

The Aurubis Bulgaria copper industry, which is one of the largest revenue companies in Bulgaria, plans to distribute dividends to its shareholders for a total of BGN 202.3 million in 2018.

This is clear from a call for a general meeting of shareholders in the company to be held on June 12.

It should be decided that the profit of the previous year be distributed in the form of dividends with a total amount of BGN 202 377 000 or BGN 9.73 per share.

The size is significantly below the record that the company handed out last year. For the year 2017 total dividends for Aurubis shareholders amounted to over BGN 393.5 million or BGN 18.93 per share.

For 2016 the amount was BGN 196.5 million or BGN 9.45 per share. The company has provided more than BGN 195.6 million for the previous year 2015.

This makes more than 785.6 million leva dividends for the past three years. If the proposal is adopted at the meeting in June, the total of the Aurubis Bulgaria shareholders' share will reach nearly BGN 1 billion, or more precisely EUR 987.9 million.

For the financial year 2017-2018, the Bulgarian company, which is part of the German group Aurubis, posted a profit of 121.5 million euros or 237.5 million euros. This was a drop of more than 30 percent compared to the results for the previous year.

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