Hotel, restaurant hirings boost labor market

Expectations of another good year in tourism are illustrated by developments in the domestic labor market as recorded in the April hirings data of the Ergani database and the employment figures of the Manpower Organization (OAED).

The data from the Labor Ministry agencies show 110,895 jobs were created last month and that the number of registered with OAED as unemployed dropped. After many months, full-time employment appeared to regain the upper hand in hirings, although new jobs in full-time employment had lagged those in flexible employment throughout the first four months of the year.

As tourism is the driving force behind hirings, the main categories of jobs created concerned waiters, bartenders, cooks and hotel cleaners. The regions of the Southern Aegean, Crete and the Ionian islands predictably showed the highest hiring rates.

Ergani figures pointed to...

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