Cyprus police tie up loose ends in Orestis case

Police in Cyprus feel more certain they can locate Maricar's body in the red lake, after alleged serial killer Nikos Metaxas identified the cement block that was pulled out of the water.
According to local media, Metaxas raised no objection in his latest remand hearing, estimated to be the final one prior to his arraignment estimated to take place next week. A Nicosia district judge ordered the suspect, also known as Orestis, to go straight to a criminal trial where he will face seven counts of murder and one rape.
Investigators also visited a new outdoor location in Nicosia last weekend, where Orestis pointed out the site where he got cable wires to tie at least some of his victims.

Police investigators have been criticized for relying solely on the confession of the alleged serial killer, who reportedly admitted seven murders and pointed out crime scenes. But...

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