Mitsotakis: 'In four days, Greece finishes with SYRIZA'

Conservative main opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis urged Greeks to vote in the European elections on May 26, noting it is an opportunity for people to vent their frustration over the past four years of SYRIZA's rule.
"This time, the vote in the European elections carry much bigger weight. For the first time after four years, people will respond to everything they've suffered in the past four years, to the fear, the insecurity, the Prespes agreement," he said at the main campaign rally held in a closed municipal gym in the Athenian district of Peristeri.

"In four days, Greece finishes with SYRIZA and makes a new start," he added. "I'm here to unite all Greeks and lead a great political change."

Commenting on the recent paint attack against the Parliament building by anarchist group Rouvikonas, Mitsotakis said the incident "hurt everyone."
The paint...

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