#EuropeanElections2019 President Iohannis: This is an important day, come to vote!

President Klaus Iohannis said May 26 is an important day and urged Romanians to vote. "This is an important day and I am not telling this just to you, journalists, but all Romanians: Come to vote!", he told the journalists, before casting his own ballot. Upon his exit from the polling station at the "Jean Monnet" High School in Bucharest, where he voted, Iohannis urged Romanians again to show up at the polling stations. "Come to vote, my dear Romanians! Come to vote today, when the power is all yours. Today, we decide together how Romania will look tomorrow. It does count, your vote really counts! Today, my dear Romanians, you make a decision for the following months, for the following years. These are the first elections from a longer cycle. This is the beginning of a new series of elections and today you can start to change Romania. I voted. In the electoral campaign I discovered that we had more vote mobilization initiatives than we ever had before. This makes me very happy and I want to thank all those who initiated such mobilization campaigns, be them simple citizens, companies and NGOs. Do come, dear Romanians, to vote! Don't let others decide for you," he said. When he reached to the polling station, several persons were waiting in line to exercise their right to vote, and the head of the state also waited in line, after greeting the members of the polling station's committee. "I am glad to be here with you," he told those waiting in line. AGERPRES (RO - author: Florentina Peia, editor: Claudia Stanescu; EN - author: Cristina Zaharia, editor: Adina Panaitescu)

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