GERB Preserve over 5% More than BSP, Democratic Bulgaria Joins the European Parliament

Preserving GERB's leadership over the BSP by over 5 per cent, Boyko Borisov's party won 30.77 percent of votes, and BSP - 25.01 percent. DPS are third with - 13.73%, and IMRO - 8.06%. While losing some of its support for a large number of processed minutes compared to 5:00 am this morning, Democratic Bulgaria is above the barrier of 5.88 percent and gained a place in the European Parliament with a support of 6.90 percent so far.

This shows the data at 7:00 am on May 27 and with 61.24% processed by the sectional election commissions, is reported on the website of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC)

The data show that voters outside the country have preferred "Democratic Bulgaria". The union collects 28.75 percent of the votes with 99.48% of them processed. Secondly, people abroad preferred GERB, with 22.16% of the people voting in the sections outside the country. BSP has 15.42% support, followed by IMRO with 7.06%. Only the sixth place is MRF with 4.06 per cent of the votes abroad.

By late last night, the parallel censuses of the sociological agencies showed that the reunification of "Yes Bulgaria" and DSB is moving to the edge of the barrier of 5.88 per cent and is not sure whether it will take a mandate. At the first data, Democratic Bulgaria was considered to receive the support of about 6 per cent of the voters, with 50 per cent of the counted parallel votes the score dropping below the barrier, and at night it again slightly increased but remained at a weight - according to Alfa research "of the formation did not reach its support within the statistical error, and Gallup International produced only a little over the barrier.

The official data on the CEC website so far indicate that Democratic Bulgaria is jumping over the barrier...

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