More than 144 000 Passengers Have Used Night Transport in Sofia

The night transport in Sofia started just one year ago and 144 thousand passengers have used this service. Four lines with a common intersection in the center of the city connect with the more remote areas of the capital. Night lines are most preferred on Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday, which is understandable and natural. It's good that the city is already getting used to this service.

During the last year, the CGM monitored daily passenger traffic on the lines. The data shows that the busiest line is N2, which serves the Obelya and Studentski grad districts. Of all over 144,000 passengers, 57,000 were passengers on the N2 route. The data was collected from April last year to the end of March 2019. At the moment, flow and workload are constantly monitored because Sofia's night transport is still in an experimental period.

At the moment, the night transport ticket costs 2 leva  per night and can be used unlimited times within this transport. Sofia Municipality decided to continue the experiment with this type of transport service, and at the moment CGM is working on various options to make it even more attractive for passengers. The CGM also builds a charging system that will allow much more flexibility in introducing new transport documents. Sofia residents and guests should note that the metro can not be included in the night transport scheme. Because, from 00.30 to 4.30, the subway is in service mode, which is extremely important for the overall installation security.

As an additional alternative for the convenience of the citizens, the CGM hope that with the warming of the weather, the night lines in Sofia will strike more interest among the passengers.

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