"Toplofikatsia Sofia" Stops the Hot Water in Five Metropolitan Districts

''Toplofikatsia Sofia'' starts the implementation of the urgent repairs and maintenance of the heat transmission network in the areas with increased emergency during the last months in Sofia.

In this connection, the hot water supply will be temporarily stopped, reported by the press center of "Toplofikacia Sofia" EAD.


From May 27 to May 31, 2019, the heat supply will be shut down to the following areas:

part of  "Lagera" district between "Pliska" Str., "Hrizantema" Street, Jitnitsa Street, ''Tsar Boris III'' Blvd. and ''Hristo Matov'' Str.
part of "Hipodruma" district between "Lerin" Str., "Kyustendil" Str., "Vidlic" Str. and "Tsar Boris III" Blvd .;
part of "Krasno selo" district between "Haidushka gora" Str., "Doyran" Str. and "Kyustendil" Str.
part of "Beli Brezi" district between "Smurch" Str., "Bitolya" Str., "Gotse Delchev" Blvd., ''Bulgaria Boulevard'', "Kyustendil" Str., And "Doyran" Str.
part of "Strelbishte" district  between "Gotse Delchev" Blvd., "Tvardishki prohod", str. "Nishava", ''Ruen'' Street, ''Dobri Hristov''Street, ''Dedeagach'' Str., Nishava Str. And ''Bulgaria'' Blvd.

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