UPDATE#EuropeanElection2019/ BEC partial outcome: PNL - 27.07pct, PSD - 23.59pct, 2020 USR PLUS Alliance - 19.99pct

PNL (National Liberal Party) has obtained 27.07 percent of the voters' options in the elections to the European Parliament on Sunday, the PSD (Social Democratic Party, major at rule) 23.59 percent, while the 2020 USR PLUS Alliance (formed by the Save Romania Union - USR, and the Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Party - PLUS) grabbed 19.99 percent, according to partial data released by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) on Monday afternoon. The following spots were occupied by Pro Romania - 6.73 percent, UDMR (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) - 6.48 percent, PMP (People's Movement Party) - 5.45 percent. According to BEC data, the ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats of Romania) has got 4.19 percent, the independent candidates Peter Costea - 1.55 percent, George Nicolae Simion - 1.18 percent and Gregoriana Carmen Tudoran - 1.10 percent, followed by the UNPR (National Union for Romania's Progress) - 0.56 percent, PRU (United Romania Party) - 0.54 percent, PSR (Romanian Socialist Party - 0.45 percent, PSDI (Independent Social Democratic Party) - 0.30 percent and the BUN (National Unity Bloc) - 0.22 percent. The BEC had centralised until 16:23 hrs as many as 5,072,602 ballots that had physically reached the venue. The next results are to be released at 20:00hrs.AGERPRES(RO - author: Sorin Penes, editor: Andreea Rotaru; EN - author: Maria Voican, editor: Simona Iacob)

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