Cypriot fire department chief seeks partial drain of lake in murder probe

Robotic cameras head back in the water of Lale Memi in Cyprus on Monday, in search for a young victim of a Cypriot national who is charged with multiple murders, as officials contemplate a partial drain of the lake.
Following the recovery of a total of six bodies in the serial killer case, police believe one more victim lies at Memi Lake, Xiliatos reservoir in rural Nicosia.
Officials appear to be certain about the location of the body of six-year-old Sierra Graze Seucalliuc, after alleged serial killer Nikos Metaxas reportedly told crime investigators he dumped the little girl's body at the lake.

The search has proven to be very difficult due to a large volume of water combined with an uneven terrain at the bottom of the lake. Experts also pointed out the difficulty in the search, citing police are looking for a body only wrapped in a sheet and exposed to the...

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