Meteorologists forecast slight dip in sweltering weather

After a sweltering weekend that saw temperatures reach as high as 39 degrees Celsius in the Peloponnese, meteorologists forecast a dip early in the week. 

According to counting stations of the National Observatory of Athens, temperatures reached 38.9 in Messinia, 38.5 in Aitoloacarnania, 38.2 in Ileia, 37.7 in Agrinio and 37.3 in Trikala.

Some cloudiness is expected for Monday with rain and storms forecast for parts of western, central and northern Greece in the afternoon.

Temperatures are to reach highs of 28C in Western Macedonia, 34C in Epirus and central Greece, 33C on the rest of the mainland, 31C on the islands of the Ionian, and 32C on the Aegean.


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