Bulgarian PM: Explosive Devices Found in Plovdiv are Monstrous

"There are bomb materials. And they are terrible. " This is what Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said yesterday after the detention of a 16-year-old boy in Plovdiv, recruited by IDIL. The Prime Minister has revealed that experts have identified explosive devices as "monstrous dirty bombs."

The Prime Minister thanked the media who did not publish data on the radicalized student and his family.

"This case gave us grounds to conclude the information between a small number of people, by name," Borisov said, stressing that an anti-terrorist center, for which there are already separate funds, will soon be "silently" built.

There is a place for the center, which will be built in our country.

He explained that a Security Council was held this morning, with the participation of representatives of the presidency on which this topic was discussed. And he added that "when we are ready, we will finance it, we have separate funds". The prime minister explained that in this Center will be concentrated representatives of the services in one place.

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