Burgas Municipality Wants to Take Control of the Maritime School in the City

At the forthcoming meeting of the local parliament in Burgas, the councilors will vote for a proposal to change the status of the Professional High School of Maritime Navigation and Fishing "St.Nikola", submitted by the mayor of the city Dimitar Nikolov, announced from his press center.

At present, the financial support of the school is a commitment of the Ministry of Education, and if the change is accepted, it will be implemented by the municipality budget. It will also acquire the ownership of all of the state-owned real estate properties.

Municipality Burgas explains that the reason for requesting a change of status is that in the last few years the development of the high school is not at the required level and in the last decade there has been a decrease in the number of students there.

At the same time, Burgas as a sea town has a need for cadres in the field of maritime affairs and the companies in the sector have urged the municipality to be a guarantor for the modernization of the school, both in terms of the material base and as a curriculum in which to find industry specialists as mentors and consultants.

The Mayor has announced that he will make efforts to "modernize the facilities, improve the quality of education, preserve and develop this sign of the city" school.

At the moment, high school students are trained in maritime specialties, ship machines and mechanisms and customs and tax administration.

Despite the demand for staff in the maritime industry and the salary starting at $ 1,200 for secondary school graduates, the interest in the school is extremely weak. Of the more than 500 students after a few zero receive now only 113.

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