Global Peace Index Shows Balkans Getting More Peaceful

The latest Global Peace Index published by the International Institute for Economics and Peace, an independent think tank that aims to measure peace and stability in the world, says the world was a slightly more peaceful place last year.

It says 24 countries in Europe saw a reduction of terrorism in terms of its impact last year, though it notes an increase in eight countries, including Serbia.

The index, released on Wednesday, uses 22 indicators, ranging from a nation's level of military expenditure to its relations with neighbouring countries and the percentage of its population incarcerated in prison.

Having looked at 163 countries or entities in all, and what it calls their level of peacefulness, it again named Iceland as the most peaceful country in the world, followed by Denmark, New Zealand, Portugal and Austria.

Slovenia came top of the Balkan region in terms of peacefulness in its overall score, in eighth place out of 163. It was followed by Romania, in 25th place, and by Bulgaria in 26th.

Croatia is further down at 28th place, followed by Serbia in 50th place, Albania in 51th place and North Macedonia in 65th. Montenegro is in 67th place, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina in 81th and Kosovo in 86th place.

However, Serbia is up by five points on the last index, Kosovo is up by eight points, Bosnia is nine points up and North Macedonia is a thumping 23 points above its previous score.

No states in the Balkans registered any sharp declines.

The report said that Europe has become slightly more peaceful, overall, with the exception of Turkey. "Turkey has the worst terrorism score in the region. Only eight countries [in Europe] recorded increases in terrorism, including the Netherlands, Latvia, Poland, Norway...

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