Ambassador Kuzmin: Russia is interested in Moldova being stable

Russian Ambassador in Bucharest Valery Kuzmin said Wednesday that his country agrees and supports the formation of a ruling coalition in Moldova, pointing out that Russia's interest is in the Republic of Moldova being a stable country. "Our official position is very clear, is that of the Foreign Ministry on June 10. It is in full compliance with our long-term strategic concept that we defend (...) In this particular case - we have frequently and consistently talked about the need not to oppose the integration process that takes place in Eastern and Western Europe and this particular crisis, which is a reflection of our consistent policy. Unfortunately, our Brussels counterparts do not regularly criticise our approach, preferring to dodge it, putting forth comfortable approaches. As you may know, the formation of the new coalition government in Chisinau with the participation of the Socialist Party, Dodon's socialist party that speaks in favour of preserving the traditional relations with Russia, and the political coalition ACUM, which follows the line of relationships being developed and consolidated between Moldova and the European Union, has received support from both Moscow and Brussels. For the time being, Washington does not object to the formation of this government and this coalition. It seems to us that there is a general move toward removing the corrupt and system criminally led by oligarchs, by one oligarch if you want. The current situation in Moldova gives Brussels a golden chance to actually confirm that it is not against our concept of complementarity or at least is not opposed to the characteristics of the integration process on our continent. We will see, we are ready and open to co-operation and dialogue," the Russian official said at a news conference. He noted that Russia did not draw up a list of preconditions for the recognition of the Chisinau government. "As the foreign minister said in the official statement, we agree and support the formation of this coalition because it brings us hope for stability and better relations. We do not establish a list of conditions, such as your foreign minister, because I have seen a recent statement, a page with half a dozen preconditions. Our position is positive and reflects our generous approach to finding all pragmatic and realistic ways to resolve crises and to find common values and dialogue in the sense of political dialogue as significantly important in political life. If it is as it seems that someone who has lost a party, has lost an election and failed to build a coalition government rejects participation, then it is not a democratic behaviour and it is not a democratic practice," said the Russian ambassador. Asked if there is a plan for Russia to federalise the Republic of Moldova, Kuzmin said that the viable solution for Moldova is the one decided upon by the Moldovan people. "As far as federalisation is concerned, I can tell you that there are so many federal states, such as the USA or the Federal Republic of Germany, India, the Russian Federation, so many, Malaysia, and the viable solution for the Republic of Moldova is a problem that the Moldovan people have to decide, the country's Parliament, Constitution and so on. (...) What we are interested in is our traditional partners, the Republic of Moldova, being stable," the Russian ambassador concluded. AGERPRES (RO - author: Florentina Peia, editor: Antonia Nita; EN - author: Corneliu-Aurelian Colceriu, editor: Adina Panaitescu)

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