Bridge in Sofia will be Temporarily Closed for Repair

The bridge of the "Cherkovna" street over "Gen. D. Nikolaev "will be closed for traffic from 18 June to 7 July.

June 18th began the repair of the dilatation joints of the bridge, which introduced a temporary organization of the traffic in the area and partially changed the route of the bus line № 120.

From June 18 to July 7, it is forbidden to enter vehicles on Cherkovna Street in the section from Maritsa Street to the street E. Simidchijska ".

From 04.30 o'clock on June 18th to 24.00 o'clock on 7th July the bus line №120 is changed as follows: from the Zoo on its way to the crossroad, Cherkovna Str. - Madrid Blvd., to the left on "Madrid" Street, to the right on "Prof. Milko Bichev ", to the left of" Gen. Danail Nikolaev ", to the left on" Zletovo "Str. And to the left via the" Chavdar "Bridge and on" Vladimir Vazov "Blvd on its route - two way.

Buses will stop at all existing bus stops in the changed stretch of route.

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