A Culinary Map of Bulgaria Will Show the Typical Dishes for Each Region

Scientists from the Institute of Bulgarian Language at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences prepare an interactive map, which will gather all the culinary features of the different regions. It will present the traditional Bulgarian cuisine throughout our linguistic territory.

"So far this map has no analogue in Bulgarian linguistics. It will be on the entire linguistic territory - on Mizia, Thrace and Macedonia. We have the ambitious task of going outside the state borders - where Bulgarian dialects are spoken, and to present the most characteristic peculiarities of Bulgarian cuisine by regions," said Assoc. Prof. Anna Kocheva from the Bulgarian Institute of Bulgarian Language in BTV's show "This morning".

"We will include the historic diasporas in Banat and Besarabia. The idea is to capture the preparation itself, there will be video and audio material. These footnotes will be the authentic dialect in the region, "said Prof. Kocheva.

Characteristic of the map is that the culinary itself will be represented with specific dialect specificities.

According to the team, culinary divisions in the linguistic aspect will contribute  not only to the easy learning of the Bulgarian culinary terminology but also the restoration of the production of authentic Bulgarian dishes and drinks.

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