Heavy Traffic on the Way to Greece through Makaza Border Checkpoint all Summer

The one-day sea that the inhabitants of Kardzali and the region practiced during the summer months has become a mission impossible. Although the nearest beaches of the Aegean Sea are less than 80 km away, fewer Kardzalian people have the courage to get into the car to spend a few hours on the seashore.

The reason - extremely heavy traffic, mileage queues and waiting hours for crossing Makaza border checkpoint, writes "24 hours".

The worst is that there is almost no hope that the traffic will be less during the summer months. At the end of last week, travelers to Greece got into traffic jams on both sides of the border. On Saturday the cork was on Bulgarian territory. The tail of waiting cars was over 4 km. The passengers were waiting for about 2 hours to pass the Bulgarian- Greek border.

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