Interesting Folklore Programme and Authentic Recipes for the Visitors to the Yoghurt Festival in Western Bulgaria

Visitors to the Yoghurt Festival will enjoy an interesting folklore programme and authentic recipes, Deputy Mayor of Tran Municipality Katya Bozhidarova toldĀ Focus Radio. Not only farmers and small producers, but also domestic producers who use authentic recipes are invited to the fest, Bozhidarova said. The festival takes place in Tran as Doctor Stamen Grigorov, who discovered the Lactobacillus Bulgaricus bacteria, was born in a village near Tran. The purpose of the celebration is to allow visitors to experience the tradition of preparing Bulgarian yogurt, she explained.
"We have prepared a folklore programme as well as surprises for our guests at the science tent and the craft tent. They can also visit the Museum of Yoghurt in the village of Studen Izvor and the Museum of Ceramics in Busintsi village, which will have free entrance," said Bozhidarova.
The craft and science tents will be located in the centre of Tran on 29 June at 11 am. In the craft tent a master potter will demonstrate how to make a clay pot, and in the science tent visitors will learn more about the Lactobacillus Bulgaricus bacteria and the fest itself. They will also have the opportunity to taste and buy dairy products, said the mayor.

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