The Great Bulgarian Actress Stoyanka Mutafova Is in Bad Health Condition

The performance "Ms. Natural Disaster" on June 20 th, today, is postponed. The reason lies in the health condition of Stoyanka Mutafova. The great actress did not feel well and preferred not to go on the stage of "Tears and Laughter" Theatre, writes

For a few days the comedic actress is lying in her home. Family members said she was not feeling well and was unable to get on the stage. The next scheduled event is on July 20th.

"Ms. Natural Disaster" is the only play that will be played twice a month in the summer, and the interest is dizzying. All other plays fall due to low attendance. Only Mutafova is the one that continues to fill the salons and still distributes to her audience, who worship her.

Close to the Mutafova's family, states that her condition is currently not flourishing, but it is normal for her age. They are hoping she will get better and that soon she will come out again under the spotlight because her job makes her happy.

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