Turkey sends second ship to drill near Cyprus, EU warns of action

Turkey launched a second drilling ship on Thursday which will conduct natural gas operations off the northeast coast of Cyprus for three months, a move which risks aggravating a conflict with Cyprus over jurisdiction rights for oil and gas exploration.

Turkey and the internationally recognized Cypriot government have overlapping claims in that part of the Mediterranean, an area thought to be rich in natural gas.

Energy Minister Fatih Donmez said at the launch of the vessel, Yavuz, it would operate in a borehole near Cyprus' Karpas peninsula, and reach a depth of 3,300 meters (3,609 yards).

Turkey already has a ship offshore Cyprus, and Cyprus last week issued arrest warrants for its crew.

European Union leaders are set to warn Turkey on Thursday to end its gas drilling in disputed waters or face action from the bloc, as Greece and Cyprus pressed other EU...

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