Since February, Measles Cases in Bulgaria have been Rising

Since mid-February measles cases in Bulgaria have been rising, Chief State Health Inspector Dr Angel Kunchev told Focus Radio
This year 100-160 new cases were reported consequently in the regions of Blagoevgrad, Razlog, Kyustendil and Sofia, some isolated cases were exported to Pazardzhik, Burgas, Ruse and Plovdiv, Dr Kunchev said. According to him, vaccine opponents have become more humble and anti-vaccination attitudes have significantly decreased. There is large circulation of the measles virus in the country, and the chances for a non-immune person to get sick after coming into contact with an infected person are very high, he said. The virus is widespread in certain communities, about 90% of the cases are registered in the Roma community, the doctor explained, adding that children under vaccination age account for about 20-25% of the cases. He also said that there is great risk of importing measles by travelling. In Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia cases have been reported, but also in the UK, France and Italy. To limit the spread of the disease, authorities attempt to track down unvaccinated children. More than 1,000 additional vaccinations have been made in Sofia alone, the chief state health inspector said.

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