The Collapse of Patronage in Bulgaria Continues

For the third consecutive year the catastrophic collapse of the patronage in Bulgaria continued and in 2018 only 13,380 leva were donated in support of culture and artists, and by three individuals. This is the report of the Minister of Culture Boil Banov to the Council of Ministers.

The amount is over two times less than the gratuitously donated 29,700 leva in 2017, which in turn is twice lower than the provided 60,259 leva. for repatriation in 2016, when 4 physical and two legal persons were registered in the registry of the patrons.

"In the last three years, we have actually reduced by more than 4 times the donated funds from Bulgarian patrons in support of our native culture, which is a complete collapse," said Sunday Cinema Association. the official register of the patrons of the Ministry of Culture is not supported. "On the official site of this ministry there are, for example, names of people who, alas, are no longer among the living," the civil association notes.

According to him, "the most scandalous in this case is that, for the more than two years of his term, Minister Boil Banov and his team did not propose to elaborate and adopt a new, meaningful and workable Law on Patronage to change the current today unfortunate and non-functioning legal text.

The Association believes that there is a need for a new law to formulate clearly written rules for the benefactors of culture in our country. This is extremely important because the funding from the state budget is extremely insufficient and for this reason we need to have donors, patrons to support Bulgarian artists, Bulgarian art, they point out in their position.

It is proposed that there should be incentives to promote the patrons, so that there will be many more...

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