Former PM says ND was right to vote against Prespes deal

Former New Democracy prime minister Costas Karamanlis said Wednesday his party was right to reject the Prespes accord, the deal that ended a 27-year-old stalemate between Greece and North Macedonia over the latter's name.
Karamanlis was addressing party cadres at an ND event in Thessaloniki to present the candidates running in the regional unit.

"Not much talk is needed. ND was right to criticize and vote against it. I am only feeling sorry that [the government] did not make use of the acquis achieved in Bucharest, which we attained at a high cost - both personal and for the party. We should have achieved and demanded much more," he said, referring to a NATO summit in Bucharest in April 2008, when Greece vetoed North Macedonia's invitation to join the organization.
Karamanlis then hailed the political stance of his party, saying that it was ND which kept Greece in...

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