At Romanian-Hungarian meeting, Romanian side presents indisputable evidence Valea Uzului cemetery is multinational burial site

The Ministry of National Defense states that indisputable archival evidence on the multinational character of the Valea Uzului heroes' cemetery was presented at the working meeting of the Romanian and Hungarian experts, but that the Romanian side has found with regret that the representative of Hungary's Institute and Museum for Military History has distorted the discussions. "The meeting between the National Office for the Heroes Memory and the Hungarian counterpart institutions was intended, among others, to discuss the factual and legal circumstances regarding the Valea Uzului international heroes' cemetery and to present the solutions envisaged to ensure a dignified tribute to the heroes, regardless of nationality, who are buried in this necropolis," the Defence Ministry said in a Friday release. During the talks, the Ministry said, the Hungarian side argued its stance by referring exclusively to a 1917 sketch of another cemetery, which was extended in 1926 by the 'Heroes Tribute' Society, which was active at that time in Romania, and subsequently in 1944, by the reburial of heroes of various nationalities fallen in the battles fought in the surroundings during the First and the Second World War. "During the talks, the Romanian side presented indisputable archival evidence of the multinational character of the Valea Uzului heroes' cemetery, thus rejecting all allegations about the Darmanesti local authorities having desecrated a plot where Austro-Hungarian soldiers had been laid to rest," says the Ministry of National Defense. Also, the Romanian side rejected as unacceptable the proposal of the Hungarian side to have an expert's technical survey conducted exclusively for the plot where the concrete crosses have been recently erected, pointing out that it is considering the conduct of technical inspections across the entire international cemetery, with the participation of representatives of all the states whose fallen heroes are resting in this cemetery, Hungary included. "The Romanian side remains committed to an open and honest dialogue with the Hungarian side, but cannot agree with false statements, nor with the technical meetings it has engaged into good faith, with the sole desire for solutions to be found and defuse the situation, to be turned into instruments to justify Hungary's national politics goals," the release points out.AGERPRES(RO - author: Mihai Stoica, editor: Andreea Rotaru; EN - author: Simona Klodnischi, editor: Maria Voican)

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