Serbian Minister in the Kosovo Government: Shortage of groceries - political game?

"I have to say that yesterday and today, we faced with half-empty shelves in the grocery shops in the North Mitrovica. I suspect that high politics stands behind this scenario", Hodzic stated.
She added that the situation on the north is quite tense after the tariffs being imposed by Prishtina in November 2018, expressing hope that Belgrade and Prishtina will find ways to overcome current state of affairs.
Hodzic, former main executive official of municipal administration of North Mitrovica, appointed minister in Kosovo Government by Ramush Haradinaj, replacing former official of Serb List Ivan Todosijevic, claims that she is strongly against tariffs and that she is confident that Belgrade and Prishtina should have free trade of goods without any impositions.
"Political decisions have to change in order to reach compromising solution. I hope that both sides in the dialogue process will find compromising solution, to both sides' satisfaction or dissatisfaction", she concluded.

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